Members Only

Member Bio Sheet

Here is the link to the bio sheet that you need to fill out and bring when it’s your turn to address the group.

Click to download: Member Bio Sheet

Member Video Links

Please use the links on the spreadsheet linked below to share our member videos on your website or in emails to potential leads.

Click to download: Networking Niagara Video Links

Instructions for using video links:

The YouTube URL can be pasted as-is on WordPress posts or pages. This will display the video itself in the page. Be sure to leave a blank line above and below the link.

To display the video on non-WordPress pages, use the URL to go to YouTube by copying and pasting the YouTube URL into your browser. Below the video, select Share/Embed. There, you will find a link that starts and ends with the word iframe. Copy and paste this link, including the brackets, to display the video on a non-WordPress web page.

The HTML link can be used any place where HTML can be inserted, as on a regular web page or in an email. It does not display the video, just a link to it using the member’s name.

It will look like this: Networking Niagara